How to Use Social Media For Your Business

Social media is not only about connecting with friends and liking photo of others. It can also help you to make your customer experience better. You can solve the faqs of your customer, provide your service there and do a lot more. With just a  few strategies you can use social media in the way that your customers will love your business. And so you will bring more customers to your business. Here is how…


You Can Listen To Your Customer:


Every social media if overfilled with people. So every day your business have an opportunity to listen to people and find out what people are saying about your business or your competitors. And use it to make your brand better.


You can also follow the conversation that will affect your industry and check for hashtags that are related somehow to your business, and also check if your customer has turned your business in a viral negative hashtag. So you can take feedback from that and improve your brand.


It’s not always necessary to sponsor a post or some Facebook ads, you can use this platform as a listening tool to public opinion. You can gain insight from listening and help your customer experience.


Make Your Customer Service More Responcive:

The days of customer calling on an 1800 number are gone, that was really slow, everyone wants to get their problem solved as soon as possible, and your customer will love it if they can reach you in a better manner with there queries. You can use twitter, facebook and Instagram dm to do it.

No one these days check email very often, so social messaging can come handy here. It can be the primary mean of interacting with your customers. All you need is your messaging channel and some people to handle them. Don’t let this be slow like email or any other traditional service.

You can invite your customer to message and hire some people to manage them. You can even have a quick reply acknowledging them a message and asking for some more time to deliver a complete response.

To do this first you have to turn on automatic replies with some good SLA, a message that is convincing like, we will get back to you in 2 hours or anything like this, that suits you.


Find Out Your Customers:

When it comes to using social media as a tool for solving queries for your customer, the one problem every business has is, not many customers know that you have a social media channel for listening to them. To make sure that you don’t want to face these problems, you must have to choose an effective platform and directly ask your customer to follow you there. So you can also update them there if there is something new and they can make queries there.


As more people are joining social media, it has become more cluttered than ever before, but your customer always wants to be heard, so your business can still use it in a right way to engage with your customer and you can also use automated bots to support your sales.

Even if your company doesn’t want to spend much money on social media marketing you can invest your time into it and make use of it to grow your customer base.