Top Tips And Tricks For Your New iPhone XS and iPhone XS

Apple always redefines the smartphone, and the iPhone XS and iPhone XS are the latest smartphones Apple has released. The new features like Face id and Memoji, we can say for this year these are the most popular smartphone in the market.


And if you are upgrading from an older iPhone or switching yourself from an android user to iPhone user, the thing is gonna to be different. Here in this article, we will look for tips and tricks you can use on your new Smartphone.


Set Up Your Face ID


The easiest way to unlock your iPhone is its new feature named face id.

If you are excited to use this feature, you have to set up it, make sure you are in a room with good light, and then head to Settings – face id and then passcode.  If you have already set up passcode you will have to enter them here or you will directly get into it. Here you have to tap on Face ID.

To set up face id you will need to scan your face twice, after completing the process you need to swipe up on the lock screen with your eyes and phone will be unlocked. If it doesn’t unlock, you should try again. Try moving your phone further from your face.

You can also add an alternate identify for Face do that  Just go to Settings > Face ID and Passcode > Set Up An Alternate Appearance.


Take A ScreenShoot


If you are using a combination of the power button and home button on your phone to take screenshots, you may get little confused while doing this in your new smartphone.

Here if you want to take the screenshot, you just have to tap the Power and Volume up buttons at the same time, and a small thumbnail of your screenshot will appear on the screen, you can tap on the image if you want to edit the picture and the photo will be stored in your gallery.


Set Up And Use Apple PAY

Digital payments make life a lit easier, and Apple has its own apple payments. To set it up you have to head to setting then Wallet Pay and then add the card. You may need to contact your bank to verify your card before you can use it here.

After setting up apple pay. It’s really easy to use. You just have to double tap on the lock button and if you have enabled face if it will scan your face to approve the purchase or you can enter your passcode. To make the payment


Use Portrait Mode 

Both of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are packed up with portrait mode on the front and rear cameras. If you also want to use portrait mode, just open the cameras and swipe the slider until you in portrait mode. Here you will see a console appear with different lighting options you can choose any one of them and just press the shutter button.

And with depth control, you can control the blur in the background once you have taken the photo. To use depth control you just have to tap in the edit option and use the depth control slider to control the depth.


Switch Off Your iPhone


In previous releases the button on the right pane of your phone was a power button,  now the button is a lock button, so the question is how you can power off your iPhone.

To power off your iPhone, just tap or hold volume button with the lock button and you will see a slider on your screen. With this, you can easily turn off your smartphone.



If you are looking for some time where your phone doesn’t disturb you. You can use the DND feature in your iPhone. To use it just head to Setting and then Do Not Disturb and make changes as you want. After setting this up. You can activate it from  Do Not Disturb slider or tapping or with the moon sign in Controle Center.


Use SplitMode In Max


What will be the use of the big screen if you can’t make a good use of it? You can use the split view for the iPhone XS Max, it allows you to view some apps and website in extended view. So basically you can use two apps at a time.

Using these feature is really easy. Just open the app and turn your phone into landscape mode. Before this make sure that rotation is turned off.




Siri can help you a lot, its the digital assistant that can help you to do basic tasks like send messages, make calls, send WhatsApp messages and a lot more.


You can access Siri by either long taping on the lock button, or by just saying hey Siri.

To set up Siri, you just head to settings then Siri & Search and then  Listen for “Hey Siri” and just follow the prompts.


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