Tips To Make Google Live Albums

When it comes to backup photos on some cloud storage, google photos is always the first choice, but it’s not about just storing photos in a folder. You can do much more with google photos, in this article we will look at some top tricks which you can use to make your google photos most efficiently.

Before we jump into tricks you make sure that you have automatic backup turned on.


Make a Fresh Live Album With Older Photos

IF you have some old photos without no metadata with it, google photos can’t make an album with it, so you have to do it manually, to do so go to album, tab and tap on a large + button, it will

Bring you a new screen. You can also choose automatically add photos of people and pets, and in the new screen, you can select all the face you want to have in your album.

This will automatically create an album where all photos where that face you chose will be displayed. And also any new photo that contains that face


This will make an album where all the photos of any of the faces selected are displayed. All existing photos, even from years ago will show up there. All photos involving other people will show up too. Any new photos involving that face will be added automatically, and you will be notified of that.


Make A New Live Album Without Old Photos


If you want to create a fresh album, that doesn’t have older photos, just photos from a date onwards you can also do it with do that head to album tab first, and then tap on +, now tap on the three-dot menu button and the top right of the screen and choose option and on the next screen you can add photos of people.

Here on the screen, you will notice a checkbox on the top,  with this you can choose if you want older photos to be included or not. If you want to add only newer photos, just leave the checkbox unchecked.

Noe when any new photo will be uploaded, it will be added to the album.


Conver Older Albums To Live Albums


So now you have started creating new albums with selected people, no you can also transform them into a new live album, so the new photo with those faces with automatically get added.

And to do that first open the album and tap on the three doted menu button and opt for options. And here you can choose the face you want to be added from now onwards.  And here also you will notice the checkbox for if you want to add new photos or not. So you can do whatever you want to.


How To Manually Edit Live Albums

Live album is created automatically but thankfully you can edit them like any other album, you can rename them, sort them, add texts and locations.

You can also choose to create a new automatic album and remove some photos you don’t want if you find it easier. And for me its easier to do this, instead of manually selecting for photos you want to add. And doing it is a lot easier just make a new live album and select the photos you don’t want and remove them by tapping on three doted menus and then opt for remove.

As we have to remove photos manually you can also add photos manually.


How to Collaborate With Other People

Just like other albums, you can allow your friends to add photos in the album, maybe you have made the album for the vacation and want to add all photos from your friends too. You can collaborate with them, and they can also add, faces photos and do almost anything you can do.


With having albums in collaboration, you will find it very easy to manage them, this option can be very helpful for families and group of friends. Anyone can add photos, so you don’t have to share photos by Bluetooth or any other mean.


How to Archive Images


Maybe there will be some photos you don’t want in your live album but will always show up. And also you cant delete that because that is important. And also that photos are in multiple albums so removing that is a hectic task. So we also have a solution for that. You can archive the photo by selecting the photo and archive it from the menu. Now the photo won’t be shown in any photo but will reside in the archive folder.