Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

When it comes to starting your own blog, WordPress is the first choice of everyone as a blog hosting platform, and when you have started your blog, the next thing is to work with SEO, SEO can either help you to grow your blog to the extent and also if you don’t use it in the right way it can break your blog. ┬áSo you must use a tried and tested method to work with SEO on your blog. When in WordPress you can also use an SEO plugin to help you out with this. They will provide you with tips and tricks on how you can make your blog rank higher in SEO.


But when you take help of google by searching for the plugin, it will throw a whole list of plugins that you can install on your blog. And you will be really confused about which one you should use with your blog, here we have come up with top plugins and compared them for you. All you have to do is, read it and dece which one you want to use in your blog. So without wasting your time in useless things just dive into it.


Yoast SEO


When you were searching Google for the best SEO plugin, most probably you have heard of this plugin, this SEO plugin is most used WordPress plugin for WordPress. And it is packed with a lot of features that comes really handy.


This SEO plugin makes it very simple by colour coding system to tell you if there any modification you can make to rank your site higher.

The feature if like the most about this tool is it checks a lot of criteria and give you a unique score about SEO and readability.

All of us know that the more accessible the content is the more people will read it. Or in simple words, you can have an article that is very perfect when it comes to SEO and is getting a lot of clicks. But if the article is too difficult to read. Then all your efforts are gonna to vanish.

So here Yeast SEO helps it counts score on both, readability and also the SEO, so it makes optimization process really simple for you and can help you to make your article with good SEO as well as readability.


The SEO Framework


What set this plugin apart from other plugins is it’s easy to use and its extendability. While using this tool, you can get experience that is more streamlined than with Yoast. It surely doesn’t mean that this plugin lack any option, you can also install the add-ons and add the new feature if you want.

I would like to say that this fits in your all needs then just having a lot of functions that you won’t be using. If you also like simple things, we will recommend you to give it a try and if you already have experience in SEO than you will find that using this plugin is a lot easier.


All In One SEO Pack

If you ask me to describe All In One SEO Pack in the simplest way possible I would say this is somewhere in the middle of both the plugins we have discussed above. This gives a lot more feature than The SEO Framework, but less than yeast SEO.

Similar to the SEO Framework, you can also add more add-ons with this and extend the functionality of the tool, there is also a paid version of the tool that will give access to some dedicated support and additional functionality.

If you try all of the three, you can find Yoast SEO or The SEO Framework

More useful, but if you wanna to try something different, then this plugin is something you should go with.


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